Happy New Year!

I love sharing NYE goals and it’s become a bit of a tradition, so here we go for 2016.

I don’t have any specific goals.

I have deemed this year, the year of fitness. At first, I thought if I made some big event, like a half ironman, my goal, I would get in shape. But then I realized that it seemed a little too much like work. So instead, I am just dedicating this year to everything fitness.

I’m learning to play tennis.

I’m getting back into BeachBody coaching.

I’m working to get back to my pre-babies fitness self.

Eating wise, I’m giving gluten free a chance.

Tennis: G will be starting tennis this summer. I feel like I have just a few years to get to a point where I am not a total dunce on the tennis court. I need to embrace the years before cognitive memory sets in. I start tennis lessons next week and I am excited.

Beachbody: It was a bit of a slap in the face when one of my best friends went to a different coach for a program but then I realized I have done nothing for coaching in years. Doh! I didn’t blame her in the least. I am getting back into Beachbody. If you’ve read my love story page, then you know why I am so passionate about BeachBody.

I am starting Fit Clubs for those who are in the Madison area. Essentially it’s a chance to come work out with me and try out some of the BeachBody programs. We will end each session by trying a Shakeology recipe. They are coming out with a new flavor, Cafe Latte, which I will have in the next few weeks if you want to try a sample! Interested? Let me know.

Shakeology is why I became a coach. It’s a protein, nutrient dense shake that tastes like a chocolate milk shake and here’s the deal: I’m a real food advocate and I totally believe eating whole foods is better than a shake, but even I don’t make three square meals a day and I spend more time than most on cooking and food. Until someone comes to my house and preps three nutritious meals a day for me AND cleans it up, I’m drinking this shake. I have more energy, it cuts down my sweets craving, and I just plain feel better every day I drink it. 

Fitness: It’s no longer about achieving a certain weight or looking a certain way. My focus this year is on become healthy, strong, and fit. It means living a fit lifestyle. Playing tennis, golf, running, and doing workouts that I really love. Currently obsessed with Cize- which is like taking a hip hop dance class in my family. I’m confident that the numbers will come when I just embrace this lifestyle. And I will be a lot happier in the process. 

Gluten-free: I have flirted with Paleo for a long time, but never committed to gluten-free, no grains. I realized in the past few weeks that I have all the symptoms of having a sensitivity to gluten. So, for the month of January, I am conducting a gluten free experiment and see if it makes a difference. Expect to see a lot more gluten free recipes on the blog!

So, that’s my plan for the New Year. What about you?



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