I feel like it has become tradition to do a NYE goals post on the blog. Some years have been more ambitious than others, but this year I feel I like I have found peace with my direction.

Last year was the Year of Fitness and I loved having an over-arching theme for the year. It actually shaped some of my decisions, like whether or not to get certified to teach Insanity (which I did) and run a half marathon (also did).

This is the year of the Happy Mama.

Essentially taking steps to ensure that my kids have a happy mama in the house. I may not be the best mama with the best cooking or the best crafts or any crafts. I may not be the mama with the cleanest house or the smallest waist or the perfect social calendar. The goal every day is happy.

If that means letting go of laundry, so be it.

If that means ordering take out, so be it.

On the flip side, that also means eating healthy because it makes me feel better (and happy). It doesn’t mean choosing healthy because I HAVE to to get to a certain size or weight. It doesn’t mean denying myself, but instead focusing on the outcome. Sometimes that cookie may make me happy and that’s fine. Same with wine. And potato chips. But also kale salads and cooked chicken breasts with brown rice (strangely enough that is major comfort food for me!).

It means working out because I am a crazy person if I don’t. Not to mention, my kids remind me all day if I haven’t worked out yet.

It means blogging on a regular basis because I love writing.

And now it means getting off my computer so we can buy tickets to a warm weather vacation that will lead to a very happy mama come February!!


What are your NYE resolutions? What kind of year will you design?



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