It’s almost the new year and that means it is time to start thinking about resolutions. Well, at least for me. It’s a bit of tradition to make cooking goals and post them here or just have a theme for the year. 

This is a year of MORE and LESS. 

In the kitchen, there will be more cooking and less ingredients. I feel like I am finally at a place where I can wing dinner. But for you, I will share those ‘wing-it’ meals. Warning: get ready for lots of pork chops and tenderloins. The girls will always eat pork. Even more consistently than chicken. And eggs. We eat a lot of eggs. And I got this book which I am super excited to start trying. 

In my self-life, there will be more writing and less scrolling through social media. So. Freaking. Guilty. To be a writer, you have to write. And I haven’t been. I can’t promise you a ton of recipes, but darn it, I am going to write. I have been waiting to have a recipe and I just don’t. I am following other peoples’ recipes lately. We are getting into the whole dairy-free and grain-free world and there is definitely a learning curve. Don’t worry, I’m not done yet. There WILL be recipes. I’m just working on cooking right now. That’s the only way to learn. And I’ll share those ‘wing-it’ meals as well as mama/writer ramblings. 

In my home, there will be more laughing and less cleaning. Ha! I am kind of kidding. This is where I see if Manatee is still reading the blog. 

In my home there will be more laughing and less stressing. About everything. How our house looks, the state of our laundry (hint: never done), my kids’ teeth (yes, I obsess on this), my kids’ hair, how many vegetables they just ate,and pretty much every other unimportant thing you can imagine. 

With my kids, there will be more hugs and less yelling. I am learning more and more that G is way more sensitive than I imagined. A cross word from me and she’s devastated. G2 is like me: she gives it back and is instantly over it. 

For fitness, there will be more good and less bad. More working out, more water, more Whole Foods, and more forgiveness. Less obsession. Less deleting pictures I don’t like because in twenty years, I will think I looked pretty fabulous. Less worrying how my stomach looks in any given outfit. Less worrying about that scoop of peanut butter I just ate. Mmmmm….peanut butter. 

What are you looking forward to in the New Year? What would like more of? Less?




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