Cooking is not a huge priority right now.

We welcomed G2 into our family a little over a week ago.

baby g2

And we are moving in two weeks.

If I was a good little food blogger, I’d be telling you about all of the amazing freezer meals I made while I was pregnant. I would tell you how easy it is to have healthy meals at my fingertips and I would be boasting about freezer waffles, muffins, and quick breads that I was able to just pull out and enjoy.

But here’s the deal, the two weeks ago our kitchen was totally torn apart because of water damage. And then during that, we had our roof replaced. Baby G still cheers about “No guys on the roof! No fans! No slivers! No strangers in the house!” Yeah, she’s going to need therapy.

Before that, our back up freezer (and fridge) broke.

Oh yeah, and during all of that, we were selling our house.

So, all of that nesting that people do, it didn’t get done. We are relying on the kindness of friends and family, convenient meals from a grocery store, and the occasional take out. I’ll be back to the blog (and cooking) once our life slows down a bit. I have a sweet office and kitchen in the new house, and I will be blogging from there next time. Until then, my friends!

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