I have missed you blogosphere. Posts are written in my head but I have not gotten them down. I am trying something new today. Blogging from my phone. Maybe this will help turn my cerebral blogging into something more tangible (and useful). 

 My “vintage” Mac is not working and I got a new phone. We will see how this works…..

This has been a summer of sunshine, transitions, and growing up. I guess with two kids, I decided it was time. I feel like I’m slowly coming into my own. Learning to accept somethings, embrace others, and walk away from that which is not helping me. Things like dairy and wheat, and of course negative people blah blah. But this is a food blog. So let’s talk about dairy and wheat. 

 I’ve been lactose intolerant for over 10 years but never really gave it up. I would just pop my lactaid and be on my dairy way. A few weeks ago, I decided to eliminate dairy and gluten (gluten intolerance/sensitivity goes hand in hand with dairy). Wow, do I feel better! My body just seems to function better when I actually listen to it. Imagine that….

I’ve also recommitted to a real foods diet. What was fascinating to me was how my daughter requested real food in its simplest form as opposed to any kind of recipe or cutesy lunch thing. Like our picnics:

Grapes, blueberries, mangos, carrot sticks, cheese sticks (not for me), GF crackers (she calls chips), hummus, and turkey sausage. We change up the fruits and veggies, but this is our standard picnic. It’s not surprising that this is our first summer we are burning through our CSA before the week is up. 

Not to say she doesn’t eat treats, because she does. And I’m pretty lax with treats, because I know her main diet is packed with whole foods. It’s nice not having to be strict about it because let’s be honest, I like treats too. 

Going forward on the blog, I look forward to refocusing on whole foods and how we make it work with busy schedules and crazy dinner times. Also expect to see more dairy free and grain free dishes. And some kiddo and adult packed lunches (G is starting preschool and Manatee is letting me design his work meals), and tips for making it easy. Really easy. And don’t worry, nothing ever has to look cute. Ever. I hate crafts. I have no patience for cute food. 

I hope you will join me. I certainly have missed you. 

What are some topics you’d like to see me cover in the upcoming months?

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