Happy Friday folks!

I have decided to take a blog-cation. I wish I could tell you that I was taking the time off to do stuff like this

me golfing









me drinking beer








or even this

me running







but really I am taking the blog-cation so I can write….and cook….and yell at my computer, aka fix some technical issues and try to find a designer for my next big project.

On that note: Bloggers, any graphic designers you recommend? I prefer ones that hold my hand, talk in a reassuring tones to lure me out from under my desk, and of course, do some kick butt design work. But really what is most important is the kick butt design work and the ability to be prompt and reliable. Manatee has gotten good at luring me out from under my desk and if I ask nicely, he holds my hand. However, he is thinks I am the computer whiz hence the need for some outside intervention.

Like any workaholic on vacation, I plan to keep blogging. I can’t not blog. Like most bloggers, I have the irresistible urge to share my personal life and cooking over the World Wide Web. I think it is a deviant of the drama queen gene and seeing how I was a theater major as well, I guess it only makes sense that I love public exhibition.

Here is what you can expect:

  • More awesome new guest bloggers every Thursday
  • A few book reviews
  • Local chef and farmer interviews (Garden 2 Be, Roman Candle, and lots more great Madison artists)
  • Some picture updates on my garden
  • And if I develop something so totally amazing that I can’t wait to share it, a few recipes here and there

The blog-cation starts today and on September 1, I will be back in full force and will I have a surprise for you…..

In the mean time, stay in touch to learn about other blogs, books, and some great Madison chefs and farmers.

With love,

Badger Girl







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