This week we got a mix of summer favorites (tomatoes and corn) and fall previews (leeks, kale). I was bummed with the lack of zucchini but maybe I am not the only who struggled with my zucchini plants this year.

For  me this share meant one thing and one thing only: soups galore! With the cool weather and my handy immersion blender, I will be happy as a clam whipping up some hearty and healthy hot soups.

Here is what we got this week:



Green beans

Corn– I was super excited to see corn in there. I highly recommend using it for sweet and spicy vegan corn chowder. It’s so good! I think we are going to make it two weeks in a row.

Green Beans and Broccoli- One last round of steamed summer vegetables with our roasted chicken dinner tonight.

Kale: For the first time ever, I was excited to see Kale in our share!

I think Kale smells like sweaty socks, but I have several soup recipes that I am itching to try that involve kale. With our first batch, I am either going to make a rendition of Olive Garden’s rustic soup OR a green soup from a really cool vegetarian soup book, Love Soup.

Edamame– I don’t really know what to do with edamame besides boil them in water and pop out the beans. Thoughts?

Peppers and Onions- We are having company in town which means I get to make a nice big breakfast! I had some local chef interviews and got a great recipe for a frittata. I have been told it’s as easy as sauteing some vegetables in a pan, pouring an egg (or egg white) mixture over the top, let it cook until the bottom is set and then stick it in the oven at 350 until the whole thing is set. Tomorrow we will find out if it’s really that easy!



Potatoes and Leeks– Though it looks like a big bowl of gravy, this potato and leek soup is to die for.


What’s your favorite fall soup?

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