I am happily overwhelmed with produce.

Green Beans
Sweet Corn
Swiss Chard
Summer Squash

Potatoes (and green beans): I was inspired by this recipe from Vegetarian Times. You will notice that if I were to do this recipe, I would need to make pesto. Shudder. So instead I am going to cheat and buy a jar of pesto.  I will toss the cooked potatoes and green beans with halved cherry tomatoes and pesto. It’s going to be awesome.

Green beans– In case you didn’t notice, we got a ton of green beans. With what I have left after the potato salad described above, I am going to steam and then toss them with roasted sliced almonds, goat cheese and balsamic vinegar.

Peppers and tomatoes)- Salsa anyone?

Cucumber– I am oddly excited to make a cucumber sandwich. I found this great recipe when I started doing some research. For some reason, cream cheese on a sandwich makes me feel a little gourmet. Doesn’t take much, does it?

Sweet Corn– I already made some picnic caviar with the sweet corn. It’s a great dish to bring to a picnic or BBQ. Conveniently enough, 4 ears of corn = 1 1/2 cups.

You can eat it with tortilla chips but Manatee and I also like eating it with Belgian endive. It makes it even more refreshing.

Swiss Chard– I am still determined to like swiss chard. I am hoping to get a shipment of teff in the next week. I think this recipe from Smitten Kitchen will be a great dish to have with my first batch of inerja.

Summer Squash/Eggplant– Tonight we will be having a feast of veggies starring a recipe from Rachel Ray: Grilled Ratatouille Boats.

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