This will be a very quick post but I realized I haven’t posted in awhile and wanted to make sure to post something this week for you loyal readers (all 2 of you 🙂 ).

First, a few things I am excited about:
My new salad chopper– it’s like a scissors that you can use to cut up lettuce and other veggies in a salad. This combined with my new salad spinner have opened a whole new world of fresh salads to me and Manatee. No more bagged lettuce! How did we live without this??
Avocado Oil– I overheard a conversation between a patron and a Target employee about the benefits of Avocado Oil. Apparently, it helps you soak in more nutrients from a salad and it’s easier to cook with. I purchased some and will let you know how it goes. I think I am going to try in my Best Salad Dressings Ever.
-Found out today that I can have salads custom ordered from our deli AND I can call ahead and order them. Considering where I worked before this, the vague non-profit protecting wildlife where we didn’t even have a vending machine, this is awesome news.

Ok, now my sad excuse for a recipe. The only ‘cooking’ I have done was last weekend. My parents were having a hard time getting the grill started and I had just finished my second glass of wine. I knew we needed something because Manatee and I are lightweights so I began to scavenge in their fridge. I found salsa, shredded cheese and three tortillas. I spread out the cheese and salsa on 1 1/2 of the tortillas and covered them with the other 1 1/2 tortillas. By that time, I thought I was a genius (I had started wine glass #3- hey, we were celebrating our third place finish in the triathlon!) and the grill was finally going.

In my haste to buffer the wine and because I was afraid of burning it, I took it off a few minutes early, but it still was delicious. I only cooked it for 2-3 minutes. If I did it again, I would have flipped and left it on a few minutes longer. It’s not gourmet but is an easy and fast appetizer. And, it is particularly useful when your dinner is running behind schedule.

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