It’s summertime and the living is…Zzzzzzzzzz.

That pretty much sums up my summer so far. I don’t think I have ever been this tired. Pregnant + third trimester + toddler + our active summer lifestyle = a recipe for disaster.

Every morning, I start the day with such good intentions: I’m going to cook! And work out! And blog! And call all of my long lost friends and catch up! And clean my house! Nap times comes and I curl up in bed and sleep until G is up from her nap.

So I apologize for falling off the face of the earth, readers. I’m really trying to make a comeback.

Fourth of July is around the corner and I thought this would be a good excuse to showcase some of my favorite summer recipes. Summer produce is hitting its peak, BBQs abound, and these are some of my favorite go-tos for the holiday weekend.

You can never go wrong with blueberry pie for the Fourth of July.
Blueberry pie

Why not wash it down with some lemonade and get all Martha Stewart on your guests and dress it up with some berry lemonade ice cubes? And if that doesn’t impress them, whip out the pineapple infused vodka. Few glasses of that, and you won’t care about impressing your guests.

Looking for some main dish ideas? Why not grill up some Sweet and Spicy BBQ Chicken or a family favorite, Beer Burgers?

beer burger 8
  Invited to a potluck? Try bringing Cucumber Ginger Salad.

Cucumber Ginger Salad

 Or you could hit up this post for pretty much every salad I love (Texas Caviar, healthy broccoli salad, and chickpea spread). And then there’s always this:


Peppers + Lime + Chickpeas + Quinoa = a salad/dip that is healthy, refreshing, and down right “tasty” as G loves to tell me.


Well, did I give you enough ideas folks?

Have a wonderful Fourth of July!



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