On this Fun Facts Friday, I want to focus on my second born: G2. 

This girl is a force of nature. I thought I had a strong-willed child with G, and then came G2. Even in her birth, she wasted zero time. I pushed for less than twenty minutes (For G, it was over 4 hours). At 11:40, when my nurse told me it was go time, I thought for sure I would have a 9-9 baby and an extra night in the hospital. But oh, no. This girl flew out. And she hasn’t slowed down since.

Some people would describe her as laid-back, but they just don’t know her well. Yes, she plays independently. Yes, she essentially puts herself to bed (with a simple point to her crib and a jubilant jump once she has been put in there). But try selecting her reading book, giving her a food she doesn’t like, or (heaven forbid) coax her into any other shoes but those darn Airwalks.

And yet…..

She is jubilantShe loves fierce. She laughs loud. And I already sense a loyalty with no bounds. 

G is the love of my life and G2 is the joy of my life. 

I’m one blessed mama. 

Happy Birthday Sweet Bean, Sweet Munchie. I think I will spend the rest of my life trying to catch up with you. 

But let’s talk about those shoes….

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