Alright folks, I have two kids sleeping. A million things to do, but I would much rather share with you some updates and get back in the blogosphere.
Rather than maintain actual coherent thoughts, let’s do a Fun Facts Friday. As G would say, “That sounds like a good idea!”

1. I am back in recipe developing mode! Tonight we are trying pineapple pork burgers. They will be amazing or a catastrophe, like much of my cooking. Also trying terriyaki slaw, but I was a little light on the sauce, so I already have doubts about it. More to come….

2. G2 is crawling. Fast. And climbing up stairs. Suddenly losing all my baby weight seems achievable.

3. I have been sucked in to the world of essential oils. G’s latest way to get mom’s goat: sucking on her fingers. Preferably at public places after touching every gosh darn thing in her reach. So of course she is sick. Again. If I tell her to take her fingers out of her mouth, she puts her whole darn fist in. High school is going to be so much fun for me! So we are trying the immune boosters. So far, so good. Dang, they smell good.

4. The weather is finally nice. I felt confident to purchase 6 bottles of white wine at Costco. G calls it Mama Juice. Let’s just add something else to G’s therapy sessions, shall we?

5. In the process of booking a book event! So excited. Details to come. I have had a heck of time getting these scheduled or even talking to the right person. Madisonians, if you have any contacts for places that may want to have an event about baby/toddler food, let me know. I have a lot of books at my house and finally have enough sitters to feel good about scheduling book stuff.

6. I just signed up to get certified as an Insanity instructor. So excited! And equally terrified that I will be laughed out of the room. I had so much fun doing a live Insanity workout at the Beachbody Super Saturday and I thought how awesome it would be to do it on a regular basis. Most people would try to just find a class. Instead I decide the most practical thing to do is learn to teach it. I guess the whole Insanity instructor kinda fits….

7. My mom is back from Texas!!! This means I can finally count on some blogging time. And time to do errands. And bathe. And maybe reconnect with some friends for lunch. Who are we kidding? I will probably spend most afternoons talking with her and playing with the girls, but I can dream, can’t I?

8. I was at my parents’ last weekend and made the most amazing salad at Copps. Then proceeded to leave it somewhere in the store because when I got home- no salad. Went BACK to Copps and made another salad. Stayed positive and treated myself to a grocery line food magazine, Taste of Home (just another one of my guilty pleasures). How’s this for salad karma: the checkout person couldn’t find the code so I got the magazine FREE. Makes you want to go eat a salad, doesn’t it?

9. I can’t believe my girls are still sleeping….

That is it for me right now. I am now going to run around the house like a crazy person to do stuff or maybe have a little Mama Juice. And I thought simultaneous napping was an urban legend….


Tell me one thing about your week in comments. Best thing that happened? Craziest? Did anyone else promise to buy their kids a pony during some reckless negotiating? Trying any new recipes? Would love to hear from you!

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