This past spring, I took two gardening classes from local technical college. I wanted to unlock the secret that has been plaguing me all these years. I will save you the time and money. The secret to a successful garden? Restraint and patience. Oh, and I also learned that gardening is really, really hard.

Kind of a downer, isn’t it? I was hoping for something a tad easier and more immediately gratifying than don’t plant much and really watch it grow.

However, I can’t deny the results.




My success could also be to amount of rain and sunshine we received, but I would much rather claim the success as my own.

I planted: flowers (for the first time ever!), basil, cilantro, mint, dill, cherry tomatoes, salsa peppers, parsley, savory, thyme, and sage.

I have more mint, basil, and dill than I know what to do with. Until tomato season hits, I am at a loss with basil because I am terrible at making pesto AND I don’t like making pesto (so please no pesto suggestions!). Any other ideas pre-tomato season for basil?

And, what are you growing this year? How is it going?





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