Manatee keeps telling me that I am obsessed. He may be right but I can’t help it. Things are growing!

I did have one embarrassing episode the day after our party. I was doing my routine check on the plants and saw fruit in one of the containers. I am told that I screeched. I reached in, pulled it out and it was a warm grape. Doh! Manatee chose that moment to inform me that I had pulled the grape out of a zucchini plant. I reminded him that stranger things have happened, like I haven’t killed the plants yet.

He redeemed himself later that day by MacGyver-ing me a solution for my steroid cherry tomato plant. Exhibit A: the bent wire hanger.

This worked until we could get a more permanent solution. I went with Amanda’s suggestion to use green stakes. I did look at the tomato cages but I was a little intimidated. The only ones I could find were taller than I was.

And the plant must be doing well, because I spotted some blossoms this morning!


The rest of the plants are alive and thriving. I am starting to actually feel optimistic about them!


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