Last year, I laid down some pretty ambitious goals. To be totally accountable, I thought I would share my progress….

2012 Goals

Blogging Goals

  1. Save up money for a better camera and photo editing software. Looking back I can definitely see I have improved but my photos still need a lot of work, a LOT of work.
    I did get a better camera in April and have been doing some editing. Still looking to learn more about editing and purchase some editing software. Any recommendations?
  2. Get to know more fellow fitness/healthy cooking bloggers. I know you are out there because I often read your blogs. My goal is to get to know more of you and hopefully even discover some MORE fitness and cooking bloggers out there in blogosphere.
    I have met more Madison bloggers which has been awesome. I have not been as good at introducing myself to new healthy bloggers, so need to continue to work on this.
  3.  More posts, more recipes, and more of my OWN recipes.
    Succeeded in this for the first three quarters of the year and then dropped off.
  4. Do a video on the blog. I have been thinking about it for a long time and secretly planning some how-to videos. Now that I have said it publicly, I really have to do it. Would love to hear what you would like to see!
    Not done. Not sure how to do it…
  5. 1,000 followers.
    Not. Even. Close.
Cooking Goals
  1. Ditch the cans and start using dried beans. It was on my list last year and I didn’t do it. I know I need to and I know I will like it. I think I am finally over the scars from senior year of college. April knows what I am talking about but for the rest of you, let’s just say that I didn’t fully understand ratios. We had bowls of beans all over the kitchen because I didn’t fully understand how much they would expand.
    Augh. Not even close! I got burned making white beans for Lombardino’s but will be including this in 2013 goals.
  2. More meatless meals. There are so many more exciting protein options when you kick meat out of the picture.
    Done and done.
  3. No dairy. I feel better when I don’t eat it and I am slowly realizing that cheese is just not worth it. Even when it’s on pizza.
    Did awesome on this until I got pregnant and kind of freaked out about calcium. Not to mention, I’m bloated. gassy, and feel gross most of the time, why not indulge in some cheese? Okay, okay, should probably go back to this….
  4. Continue to eliminate any and all processed foods. Even crackers, even chips.
    Was doing awesome until pregnancy hit. Will be going back to this in 2013.
Fitness Goals
  1. Complete at least two rounds of P90x2. An injury has temporarily sidelined us but on Monday we are going to bring it, x2 style!
    Done. AND I completed one round of p90x while pregnant.
  2. Follow p90x2 nutrition plan for at least 90 days. We have been ‘practicing’ but the real thing starts Tuesday! Okay, so I guess I should say Monday but it’s the Rose Bowl, and well, I am a Badger girl.
  3. Run at least one half marathon this summer. I’m a little nervous about this with my current injury but fingers crossed that I will be fine by February.
    I did two!
  4. PR in a full sprint triathlon and complete two triathlons this summer.
    Done, done, and done.
  5. Do something active every single day. This is really the most important goal. Even if I just go for a walk, I want to make sure I am moving my body every single day.


Was I perfect? No.

Does that bother me? Absolutely not.

I had an amazing year, and yes, not everything went as planned, but not as planned meant that I wrote another cookbook, wrote my first magazine article in this magazine, and was hired to do an online class for the UW. Oh, and I’m pregnant. How can I possibly be upset with how this year went?


What is one highlight from 2012 for you?

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