I am sitting here in my dining room surrounded by hand painted pictures by preschoolers, Sophia the First music BLARING, my computer, and my drink, a grapefruit vodka spritzer if you are interested. 


And I am feeling very thankful.

I spent the last few days making foods with my eldest daughter. This is the first year my family is not getting together, but cooking with my daughter made me excited about new traditions. Traditions that she will tell her kids about it. There is something about cooking with people and cooking food for people that ties us to our traditions and our past. Something so basic and so loving in the preparation of food. 

For me, the touchpoint Thanksgiving food is whole berry cranberry sauce. It is one food that I can still eat (since it has no dairy or gluten) and it brings me back to my childhood. And both girls loved it. Loved it so much we had to make a double batch. And for some reason, it hit like a wave. The hope that this could be one of those foods for them- the cranberry sauce that mom used to make, and before that, grandma made. A food that is tied to our family. A food they know how to make blindfolded. 

So on Thanksgiving Eve, I want to wish you the very best. Enjoy the time with your family or your friends or however you decide to spend it. Enjoy. If you are cooking, I wish you the best of luck in the kitchen. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Nothing has to be perfect.

If you are eating, I hope that you take the time to really enjoy the foods that may be tied to your past. 


Happy Thanksgiving. 

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