Happy Thursday!

I’m busy frolicking on a beach in Aruba right now, but want to share with you a link to my latest magazine clip.

As most of you know, I am a full-time freelance writer. In addition to cookbooks, I have been trying to break into magazine articles. This was my first clip and I’m excited to finally share it with you. It was in the December/January issue of KIWI magazine. This is a really cool magazine geared at parents who want to raise their kids in an organic, green, but realistic way of life.

kiwi magazine

Special thanks to my sources Laura Isaacson, a nutritionist from the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Margaret Wertheim, a nutritionist from the University of Chicago hospitals and the fertility clinic, Pulling Down the Moon.

The article is about healthy alternatives when you don’t want to resort to beef, dairy, or seafood. Check it out: The New Nutrition All-Stars.


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