This is WTWF-What the whole food?- type of post. This is my first year as a gardener. Though our neighbor used to give us a lot of zucchinis growing up, I never saw a plant until now. People told me that I would be able to eat the blossoms and it seemed to be a bit of a delicacy. As you can imagine, I got very excited about seeing a bud on one of my plants.

It was much bigger than I expected but for some irrational reason, I still thought it would open to a delicate flower. Instead, I got this:


It’s huge! Other buds are starting to pop and I am at a loss on what to do with these blossoms. When do I pick them? Do I eat them raw or sauteed in something? What do they go with? Is there a part that I don’t eat?

Help please?


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