Happy Healthy Blogger Thursday!

This week’s healthy blogger is Ashlee from ABpetite. Her motto is that abs are made in the kitchen and I couldn’t agree more. I will be happy to make my abs using this recipe below. It looks like perfect for busy schedules and the need to be hands-off in the kitchen.

I have been spending a ton of time in the kitchen lately with some serious recipe testing and developing but of course, barely have time to make dinner. I think this is going to be a must-do as I get closer to my deadline.

Without further adieu,

heeeeerrreee’s Ashlee!




Today’s post is a nice summer soup! Light and flavorful. Made up of rice, chicken, fresh mint, and a blend of curry and ginger.



Servings: 8

Serving Size: 1 Cup

Calories: 151

Fat: .85 g

Carbs: 20.5 g

Fiber: 2.1 g

Protein: 10.6 g

Points+: 3




Here Are Your Ingredients:

1 1/2 Cups Wheat Rice – instant

6 Cups Beef Broth – 50% less sodium

3 Chicken Breasts

9 Pieces Ginger Root – raw

1/2 to 1 Teaspoon sesame seeds

1 Teaspoon Curry Powder Seasoning

3 Stems of Fresh Mint



Place rice in greased baking dish. Pre heat oven to 350 degrees. Top rice with chicken; pour broth on top of chicken and rice. Put slices of fresh raw ginger on top of chicken and sprinkle sesame seeds and curry powder on chicken. Cover baking dish with tin foil and bake for 1 hour. When done cut and shred chicken and spoon soup in individual bowls and add as much fresh mint as you like!


Bon ABpetit!


What are your favorite hands-off, healthy dinners?

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