Use chicken sausage.

Yep, I said that.

I wish I had some amazing recipes to share with you but I have entered survival mode. While I did make an awesome pasta-free lasagna, I frankly don’t have time to tell you about it. What I do have time to do is make an un-apologetic lovefest regarding Target brand (Archer Farms) organic chicken sausage.

My favorite kind is Chicken Apple and Manatee prefers Porcino Mushroom and Herb. Both are non-dairy and very healthy (you can eat 11 of them and still have less fat/calories than 1 brat!), and totally organic, so no chemicals or hard to pronounce ingredients. What I love about them is they are pre-cooked so you just need to reheat them, they’re yummy and not so bad for you. You can eat them plain, pretend they are a brat and throw on sauerkraut and whatnot, or what I have been doing lately, is chopping them up and throwing them in with fresh veggies.

If you want to do the Italian thing, use the porcino mushroom ones with some fresh veggies (mushrooms, zucchini/summer squash, tomatoes, herbs, onions) and have them with some whole wheat spaghetti or use the apple ones with a peanut sauce. I have tossed them in with broccoli and whole wheat spaghetti and tonight I tossed them in with scallions, broccoli, zucchini and brown rice. The possibilities are endless.

When I have time I will share with you the pasta-free lasagna and my debacle with shredded cabbage (shudder!) but until then I am going to enjoy my sausage!

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