Happy Summer!

Nothing says summer to me like ice cream cones. In a perfect world, I would eat one every day. Random trivia: for a long time, Manatee did eat an ice cream cone every day (and so did his dad), but that’s a story for another time.

I saw recipes like these creeping up on Pinterest- Yogurt frozen into ice cream cones to make faux ice cream cones. I made a few swaps and adjustments, and voila, here is what I got:

frozen yogurt ice cream cones

 Here is the basic recipe:

Few healthy dollops of plain Greek Yogurt

handful of cherries, pits removed, or berries, roughly chopped

handful of graham crackers or graham cookies, smashed

healthy shakes of sprinkles

6-8 mini ice cream cones

1. Mix yogurt, fruit, graham crackers, and sprinkles in a medium bowl.

2. Dollop into cones and freeze for a minimum 2 hours. Enjoy!

That was the super fast version, to read more about these summer treats (and feeding a toddler), check out this post on my kiddo blog.


What is your favorite summer treat?



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