I was recently approached by Imperfect Produce to try out a box for the blog. I get quite a few of these requests and I am actually pretty picky about what I take. I can picture my husband shaking his head at me as I am about to say this, but I don’t write my blog to make money. I only choose projects that I feeling strongly about and that I feel support my mission of writing about a whole food way of life.

So when I got approached by a company who reduces food waste, supports farmers, and offers consumers a cheaper way to get organic (and conventional) produce, it was a no brainer.

Imperfect produce is a national company that has just opened a location in Madison. They source “ugly” (aka not fit for grocery stores) or surplus produce directly from farmers and delivers it straight to the consumers’ doors. 20% of all fruits and vegetables grown in the U.S. do not met the strict cosmetic standards of grocery stores which results in 20 billion pounds of produce being unharvested and unsold each year .

When I first got my box, I thought “this is great, but would I really want a surprise box every week”? Then I went on the website and found out you can customize your box every week to get the produce you want, need, and will use. And it’s sold to you at 30% less than you would buy at the store. And it’s delivered to your doorstep. It’s a no-brainer.

Since it began in 2015, 40 million pounds of produce has been recovered, and 32 million was recovered just in the last year. If 2,500 residents sign up, the community would recover 26,450 pounds each week and 1 million pounds of produce a year.

I have a special code for readers to save you 40% on your first box. Enter code badgergirl to get this deal before the end of May.

You can read more about this amazing company on their website: imperfect produce.com .

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