So, I wanted to follow up on my monthly meal planning. I am determined to master this skill, and I have 11 more months to do it. So let’s get down to business and because it won’t take too long, and I’m going to throw in some of my favorite things in 2018.

The Goal: Plan a month’s worth of meals to make meals easier all month long

What worked: I loved having a big list of meals on my fridge that I could glance at every week. We definitely did more cooking than most months. I think we only ordered delivery three times (including once for me at lunch) which is good for us. Sad but true. Hot dog night was a huge success- fun for kids and adults that we will definitely repeat. I became way more conscious of re-using leftovers and mastered twice baked potatoes. 

What needs work: Even though I had my master list and cooked a lot, I only made a third of the meals. Even though they were all pretty easy meals, some felt too ambitious. And I got an instapot mid month so I was more interested in trying new recipes. And a lot of times, I wanted to repeat meals that I knew worked well.

Next month: February will be a weird month as we will be gone for a week mid-month, however, I still need to prep all of the meals as my teenage niece will be watching the girls. This will be a month of kid-friendly favorites and instapot recipes. I think I will only pick 15 or so meals and just plan on repeating ones. 

I will post our monthly plan in a few days and keep you guys posted. 


And now, a few of my favorite things.

1. Audible for listening to books

2. This podcast

3. This song that has become our family theme song. I feel like it speaks to being a SAHM. Except the part about the pirates.

4. This workout program

5. My instapot. I swore I wouldn’t become one of those crazy instapot crazed bloggers, but watch out guys. It’s coming. 


Stay healthy my friends!!!

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