I love sweets. Growing up in our house, we always had homemade cookies in the cookie jar and then a cache of store-bought treats. There was none of this once a day treats, it was little bites here and there all day long. When I stopped eating processed foods, my sense of taste got sharper and store-bought treats and many baked goods just tasted too sickeningly sweet. It doesn’t mean I don’t like sweet treats, but most of them just don’t taste good. 

This recipes has become our go-to in our house for a sweet treat. Many people on the internet call these energy balls, but who are we kidding? I mean, I could call them energy balls and then maybe it justifies you eating them, but you shouldn’t be pounding these before you workout. These are much better savored with a cup of coffee or even a glass of wine. And G loves them. G2 won’t try them because they are ball-shaped and let’s be honest, because she’s two. I am kinda glad she is not into them. With three of us loving them, I have to keep making them quite often. 

I recommend Medjool dates for these balls. Medjools are in season right now and you can find in most stores. They are a little pricey, but I think they are worth it. 

I based the recipe on a go-to recipe from Detoxinista that I have been tinkering with for years. She really deserves the credit for how these come together, I just changed the flavors.


Pumpkin Pie Spice Cookies Balls
Yields 30
All our favorite fall flavors in a sweet little ball packed with healthy fats and natural sugars

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Prep Time
20 min

Prep Time
20 min

2 cups raw pecans
1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
2 cups Medjool dates, pitted
2-3 tsp pumpkin pie spice
2 TB natural peanut butter
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla
2 TB Chia seeds
[1/3] – [1/2] cup white chocolate chips
1-3 TB water, optional

Line a cookie tray with parchment paper or wax paper.
In a food processor fitted with a chopping blade, add coconut and pecans. Pulse until crumbly.
Add dates, pumpkin pie spice, peanut butter, salt, vanilla, and chia seeds. Pulse until mixture is starting to stick together. If dates are dry, you may need to add 1-3 tablespoons of water. To test it, pinch some of the mixture and see if it sticks.
Remove chopping blade and stir in white chocolate chips.
Scoop mixture out by tablespoons and then roll into balls. If mixture is sticking to hands, get them wet.
Freeze for 2-3 hours or overnight. Transfer to an airtight container and store in freezer.

Make sure your cookie tray fits in the freezer before you start.
Two teaspoons of pumpkin pie spice gives just a hint of that pumpkin flavor so many of us love. For more pronounced flavor, go that extra teaspoon to make it three.

Adapted from Detoxinista Date Nut Energy Balls
Badger Girl Learns to Cook by Kimberly Aime http://learntocookbadgergirl.com/


These little cookie balls are the perfect way to get in your pumpkin pie spice for the season without too much guilt.  And I guess if you really want to call them energy balls, then so be it. I’ll only judge you a little. 

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