Oh blogging, I have missed you. I can tell you right now that I have about a million other things I SHOULD be doing. But I wanted to get back into this, so here goes. The laundry and dishes and piles of STUFF can always wait and let’s be honest, even if I attempted to plow through it all, it probably still wouldn’t get done. And I still wouldn’t have blogged.

I don’t have a recipe for you at this time, but I thought I would share some of my latest obsessions and what we have been up to, the good, the hard, and the still dealing with it.


We just started using Butcher Box.

This is due to my goal of automating as much of my grocery shopping as possible and attempting to get the highest quality meats for the best price. I feel like there are two group of moms: moms who enjoy going to the grocery store and being on the go, and then there’s me. I prefer limiting my outings to things that I enjoy: working out and parks. Other than that, I am a homebody. I order my pantry items from Thrive Market and do my other shopping via online shopping/pickup at Woodmans or a quick run through at Aldi. This summer, I hope we go to the Farmers Market.

Back to Butcher Box: so far, so good. We do a custom box allowing us to pick our cuts of meat. Everything so far has been really good and I feel like the prices are great for what you get.


I have been one of those oil obsessed people you see on social media. I think these oils are amazing and really are good for my family’s health. A typical day in my oil life:

Get up and take my Doterra pre/pro biotic with my supplements. Possibly an On Guard softgel if there is sickness in the house.

Diffuse oils in my diffuser, lately it’s been On Guard, Wild Orange, and Peppermint.

Use Deep Blue rub after my workout so I am not crazy barely can walk sore.

Rub Breathe oil over my sinuses after shower to help with congestion (I used to do Flonase every day, now I just use oils).

Wear a diffuser bracelet with Balance or On Guard to either center me or build my immune system.

Use On Guard laundry detergent with Purify to keep building immune systems and make laundry smell good.

Wash hands with On Guard soap and use my homemade On Guard cleaning solution on counters.

Apply lavender, on guard, and sometimes breathe to me and the girls before bed. With G2 being sick lately, I also applied a cough mixture that really helped her.

Diffuse lavender and breathe every night for better sleep.

So, yes I live with these oils everyday and they have helped in so many area. If you want to talk about them, just ask!

Currently obsessed with Damn Delicious Meal Prep Cookbook. This blogger knows her stuff. I have loved everything we have made. The premise is that the key to weight loss and healthy living is making healthy food as accessible as possible. The recipes all give you four servings in individual portions that make healthy eating super easy. The Chinese Chicken Kale Salad has been a fave so far.


In early February, my husband’s father passed away. I’m not going to lie, it has been one of the hardest things we have gone through in our lives. And what makes it more difficult is that we are guiding our girls’ through it too. I wish I could tell you that we have read them all these books and have been these amazing pillars of support, but honestly, we can’t bring ourselves to read the books and we are still crying at the weirdest times (Oh hello mom friend I haven’t seen in two years, let me just bawl as I tell you that I am running a half marathon with my niece because it was a goal she set the day Papa died, I know this isn’t awkward or anything as a I start blubbering and I am not even sure you remember my name).

It hurts too much. I am just thankful that Daniel Tiger did an episode on death. And yes, I may have kept watching after G fell asleep trying to gleam some notes and a catchy song to sing when the girls ask where Papa is. Daniel Tiger, can you just cover all the hard stuff for us parents? It has been a struggle and we are just trying to mangle through it as best we can, answering questions, giving hugs, and praying. And crying. Yes, still crying.


Gut health. What are you doing for your gut health? Nothing? You need to do something. Over one year later and I am still working on healing my gut and getting my whole body back in check. If your gut is not healthy, everything else falls apart. And I felt like I was a fairly healthy person, but I did not do probiotics or anything for my gut. Don’t be me. Take a probiotic. Eat some saurkraut or kimchi or yogurt. Do something and keep that gut in line.


It’s good to be back. Now that I tore off the bandaid, I will be back. Hopefully with a recipe or maybe some whole living tip. Until then….

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