There is absolutely no logical reason that I should be blogging right now. I have so much I should be doing that is not sitting here at Barriques sipping wine and waiting for my pressed BLT wrap. I still haven’t unpacked from my trip last weekend. It’s Friday. And laundry? Ha! I’m lucky the girls have PJs. I have business cards to order, a salad recipe to plan, a bag of oranges to cut for tomorrow’s soccer game. But I have a babysitter. And that BLT wrap was calling to me….

So I’m here and I’m blogging. So let’s do some fun facts. I am going to start with the saddest:

My first cookbook is out of print and no one ever told me. I have two book events in early November and I went to order books, only to find out that my first book, Homemade Snacks and Staples is no longer available. AND THEY NEVER TOLD ME. I was supposed to receive a letter a year ago. I didn’t. The only book I still had at home was a copy that was printed upside down. Everything else was sold when people came over casually and ended up buying a book. I had to scramble to find books for my daughters on Amazon. It was a huge kick in the stomach. I’m still reeling from it. 

I made green soup this week and I have decided that it’s the best thing I make. An entire stockpot of greens (kale, chard, spinach), potatoes (sweet and regular), caramelized onions, and broth blended together and it tastes like junk food. Creamy, decadent junk food. It’s amazing. Makes me feel better about this BLT wrap….

I miss G more when she is at school than she misses me. No joke. I have actually kind of hated that I had to send her 4 days this week. Probably somewhat related to being gone the weekend before, but she is actually pretty fun. G2 on the other hand….she’s two. ALL of two. And G literally ran to school today. Hmmm…maybe those two things are related…

I’m officially an Aldi convert. I love that store in all its cheapness and novelty. I went today and bought snacks for soccer, milk, eggs, two things of hummus, 100 calories guac packs, and my favorite GF crackers and I spent $20. 

I’m going to try Whole 30 preceding Thanksgiving. As I finish my BLT wrap, chips, and wine, I feel like my body needs a reset. Okay, it wasn’t just this meal, but I do feel like my body needs to recalibrate. I have one weekend where I want to enjoy some wine with a good long distance friend, but after that, I’m all in. And expect to find some Whole 30 recipes here.

G hate soccer. Maybe hate is a strong word. She spends soccer practice/games waving to us and trying to start conversations with teammates. Just two more Saturdays….

Alright, folks. I hope you have a fabulous weekend and I will be back with an amazing seasonal salad recipe. 

What do you like to buy from Aldi? Inquiring minds want to know. 

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