My mother was her own Martha Stewart.

One of her favorite tips for impressing company was to make lemonade ice cubes to serve with lemonade on hot summer days. “It’s such a simple way to make someone feel special and it won’t water down your lemonade.” She would tell me this every. single. time. she made lemonade.  And every. single. time., I nodded, drank my lemonade, but never took her advice.

Until now.

Berry Lemonade Ice Cubes

Pink Lemonade










We are going to start with Manatee’s new favorite (un-clean) drink: Light lemonade. He claimed that they were out of regular lemonade, but I am pretty sure he just wanted the pink stuff.

berries for lemonade ice cubs







Next, cut up some fresh berries and limes into small bite-sized pieces.










Then,  place the fruit in the ice cube holders.

For this tray, I did one type of fruit per cube but in the other one, I tried some combinations (blueberry and lime, strawberry and blueberry, etc). The important thing is to make sure you have enough room for liquid to actually form the ice cube.










Add your desired liquid. I tried to take a picture, but me pouring while also taking a picture turned into a bit of a disaster, but hey, there is no use in crying over spilled lemonade, right?

Freeze for 4-6 hours until cubes are set. Remove from trays.

Berry lemonade ice cubes







Add to your favorite drinks, lemonade or this little cocktail that I whipped up for a recent picnic.

Berry lemonade ice cubes in lemonade mimosa








Me enjoying a lemonade mimosa










Recipe Review:These are my new favorite thing. Thanks Mom! So easy and so effective. I can’t wait to try more combinations for different types of drinks. Bloody Mary ice cubes, anyone?


What is your favorite easy hostess tip? Any other good mom tips?



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