Hey folks!

We are in a whirlwind as we get ready to go on a family vacay to Mexico. 

On one hand, this is an easy trip. We have established the we will be spending the majority of the time at the pool. Easy, right? Kinda…

Because how do you keep two kiddos (well, four actually) occupied so that you can actually take a deep breath and maybe even have a conversation? And then when you are back at the room, how do you keep them occupied enough so you can have another conversation?

Add on to that a jam-packed last couple of weeks and I feel like I really NEED this vacation. So I hope it can be more than a family trip and cross over to that dream land of a real, actual vacation.

It’s probably just a dream….

So, wish us luck. Wish that we don’t forget something necessary (like one of the girl’s lovies). Wish that I can find food that is FODMAP friendly at a resort in another country. Wish that we do not get bogged down with cancellations and delays like we did on our 26 hour trip to California. Wish that we actually get moments that resemble a real vacation.

And when I come back, I hope that I am refreshed and maybe my bags under my eyes are not as heavy and that my grapefruit infused vodka tastes more like grapefruit so I can finally share my cocktail recipe. And that I don’t feel like I am constantly rushing and constantly late. 

A girl can dream, can’t she?


Any tips for family vacations and traveling? I’m all ears. 


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