Exhibit A: I registered for parchment paper for our wedding.

Exhibit B: I was super excited when I received said parchment paper.

I am a bit of a baking nerd but apparently not enough of a nerd. Last week said parchment paper supply ran very low and I was faced with having to buy my own. I tried to find it when grocery shopping but I just started shopping at a new, expansive grocery store so I gave up after twenty minutes. Even I have my limits.

BIG mistake.

I learned a very important lesson last week while make peach/blueberry rustic tarts: wax paper and parchment paper cannot and should not be interchanged.



Getting the dough off the wax paper was like skinning a live cat. Not only did the dough stick to the wax paper, I swear it was magnetically attracted to it. I would start to pull it away and I swear, the paper leapt up and grabbed back on to the dough.

I think it may have also been snickering.

I suppose I could have thrown the dough out, but I was too stubborn to let it go to waste.  I decided to make little mini tarts out of it.



I cut the dough rounds out with a high ball glass. Before putting the filling in, I added some old fashioned whole oats, thinking they would soak in some of the fruit goodness.



They looked good but I am pretty sure they were too waxy to be edible.  I gave them to my parents with a fair warning. And for the record, I also gave my parents a wax-free tart. I may not be a great baker, but I like to pride myself on being a good daughter.

And for the record, the next day I searched and found some parchment paper. I’ll never try to swap it out again.



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