Last summer, Manatee and I discovered the ease of infusing vodka. Some were successful and some were a little scary (but tasty). All were super easy and boast-worthy.

This summer we decided to go after the creme de la creme of infused vodkas: Pineapple!

Tasting pineapple infused vodka at a local watering hole was what got us into infused vodka in the first place.

I did some internet research and set to work. It’s so easy that there is no reason not to make it.

Unless you don’t like pineapple or vodka, and then you have bigger problems than I can deal with this on this blog.

Pineapple Vodka

4 pineapples
3 bottles of Finlandia vodka

Cut up pineapple and place in a large, airtight container.

cut up pineapple for pineapple infused vodka

Tip: I didn’t even bother coring the pineapple. I just chopped it all up and threw it in the container.

cut up pineapple in vodka for pineapple infused vodka

Seal the container and let sit for 7-14 days.

pineapple infused vodka

Tip: My original research told me 10 days. I tried it at day 7 and liked it better than day 10. When we asked the bartender of the watering hole, he told us 14 days. How’s that for confusing? Do it for at least 7 days and up to 14 days. 

And don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad on Day 10.

Homemade infused pineapple vodka

It was so ‘not bad’ that I never got a chance to take a sexy final picture.

We served it on ice with maraschino cherries.

It tasted amazing. Was it better on day 7? Yep. Did I hear anyone complain? Nope.

This is the easiest and most popular party drink I have yet to encounter. No one could believe that all we did was chop up pineapple and soak it in vodka.

While it’s popular, it’s also dangerous. We had a hard time convincing people that they were drinking straight vodka.

Maybe that’s why our noon BBQ lasted until the wee hours of the following morning.

Maybe that’s why we found a pair of sunglasses in the tomato plants.

Maybe that’s why we will be making this again soon.


What is your favorite summer cocktail or mocktail?

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