After the BBQ, this is all that remained of the infused vodka. At great pains to myself, I sampled the vodka throughout the week leading up to the party. The turning point came at Day 5. Day 5 is when it tasted more like fruit than vodka. Day 6, Manatee and I realized that it was potent and dangerous. You don’t need to mix anything with it, but we insisted that our guests use a mixer as we didn’t want to be held responsible for the outcome.

As you remember from my first post, there was a lot of fruit that went into the vodka. At the party, we tried to eat the fruit and it was good, but very potent. It was suggested we make a slush out of the fruit and a slush we made. We threw the strawberries and the pomegranate seeds into the food processor, pulsed until smooth and then froze it. The next day at BBQ Part 2, we serve it with Diet Sprite. Yummmm…

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